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Our People
“I care deeply about our clients' concerns, and cherish the opportunity to show off our chops. My promise to all who walk through our doors is to devote my absolute attention to every detail of marketing your property or handling your purchase, or lease.”
Rolan Sereny
Founder, Broker
"I've represented Developers & Landlords, sold condos and multi family homes, and leased apartments throughout Brooklyn. I find a way to consistently navigate any transaction."
Robyn Forest
“For clients seeking property outside of Brooklyn, I specialize in Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties. I can help find a home or sell one, ensuring that the process is both pleasurable and professional.”
Francine Leeson
"Matching my clients with a home that they love is the reason I'm in this business. I go the extra mile to make sure all your considerations are accounted for."
Matthew Hennigan
"The opening of every door leads to new opportunities. With a relationship built on trust and discretion, I will seek out every opportunity until you are satisfied."
Jason LaRusso
“If there is a way that I can make a connection with my clients I will seek it out. Nothing is more important then making that human connection and sharing in the happiness that follows finding your dream home.”
Phillia Downs
"I can't emphasize the importance of becoming familiar with the neighborhood you may move to. If you are looking for a condo, loft, or brownstone I'll find that perfect location."
Jane Moriarity
"As a Greenpoint native & experienced bi-lingual agent I know exactly what it takes to find or sell your dream home. Trust & Loyalty both represent my core beliefs"
Inga Wszolek
"As a native Brooklynite I care deeply about how Brooklyn adapts to new times. I am dedicated to cultivating a sense of community and goodwill in all of my real estate transactions."
Daniel Adler
"As a Brooklyn Native I have a deep connection with my community. When it comes to real property sales and leasing in Brooklyn I have all the numbers you need to make the best decisions."
Ibrahym Welch
"Responsiveness and integrity are crucial qualities of a top agent. As a licensed broker associate and attorney I communicate efficiently to seal the deal you deserve."
Nathan Horne
"A large part of enjoying a purchase is the experience of the sale. As a born and raised New Yorker my goal is to offer my clients the best possible home shopping experience."
Ariel Flores
"With over 10 years in the field I understand both the stress and excitement that is involved in finding the perfect home, and promise to do everything in my power to make your transaction seamless."
Karyn Wiseman
"Build it, Seal it and Sell it to last. With a firm grasp of real estate markets and real property law, I'm overly prepared to efficiently handle your real estate needs, no matter the nature."
Charles Ozburn
"I've spent the last 10yrs helping both family and friends find their ideal homes, often walking them through every step along the way towards a successful transaction. My intention is to deliver the same level of service to you."
Ellie Lui
"After 10 years of involvement in the fashion industry I have discovered a similarity in how the path to reaching a client's goals must be carefully curated. I enjoy discovering the property that best matches your personality."
Donald Badaczewski
"I am personable, professional, and prepared to help you with all of your real estate needs. As a Brooklyn resident and mother, there is no task too tall to conquer."
Claire Vuillemot