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Toby's Estate

by Rolan Sereny

When Toby's Estate first opened it's doors, just a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see yet another new coffee shop in the over-caffeinated Burg. Within a 2 week span two coffee shops have opened their doors, just 3 blocks away from each other. Need more beans? The other shop now serves it's version of Swedish coffee by the corner of Bedford Avenue, on North 7th Street.

We will focus on Toby's Estate, and revisit the other shop later. Owner Toby Smith is quite the pioneer. He is so passionate about coffee that he spent extended periods of time digging around plantations in Brazil, Guatemala, and other areas, honing his...

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Turning Williamsburg into Soho

I've heard it many times. 'They' want to turn Williamsburg into SoHo. I am not certain who 'they' are, but more new developments are on the rise, drawing in Manhattanites and boosting surrounding infrastructure. Both cornered commercial spaces (above) are available, on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 3rd Street, and the word on the street is that J.Crew (and maybe Starbucks) are working through the process of securing each unit.

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100 Units Rolling out in Williamsburg

The Building standing near the corner of North 9th Street and Roebling is ready to fill. Thirty-four 1 bedroom and studio rentals are priced between $2,450 and $3,800, many including Balconies. The units are very spacious with studios measuring out to roughly 492sqft; 1 bedrooms around 730sqft. The finishes will be almost identical to the sister building next door, directly on the corner...

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